About Us

Verity Best – Counsellor, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor

Verity holds a Social Science (Counselling) degree and has experience counselling adult clients through a range of issues. She has had a range of experience in the mental health sector, such as family violence, crisis and trauma counselling, and counselling for addictions, in particularly gambling, alcohol and drugs. In addition to this, Verity holds a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution and is accredited by the Attorney-General’s Department to provide mediation services to separated parents in relation to children’s matters. As a mediator, Verity provides a safe platform for separated parents to discuss their children’s needs and develop a mutually agreeable parenting plan. In this service, as in her counselling practice, Verity provides a non-judgemental approach and a belief that her clients have the ability to change their lives in a positive way. In both counselling and mediation, Verity aims above all to empower her clients, and support them to find ways to make meaningful change. Verity provides counselling to adults for a variety of needs. Verity is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), and is an ACA recognised supervisor.

To make a booking to speak with Verity, click here or call 9088 3385.

Josette Gardiner – Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor

Josette provides counselling to adults, children and adolescents. With a degree in Social Science (Counselling), she brings to Focus a safe (and fun) space for children to discuss their needs. Josette works with children using a variety of modalities, and has a special interest in trauma and its effects on the brain and behaviour. Because of this, she provides effective and nurturing therapy to children where family violence has been part of their story. She has also worked extensively with a range of other issues such as self-harm, grief and loss, parental conflict and trauma recovery. Josette uses a range of tools, games and activities to help children untangle their inner world in a way that helps them make sense of it. She helps them master the skills they need to manage their emotions in an often-complicated world. All this is done with a sense of hope for the future, and a belief that the child is capable of any change they hope to achieve and the ability to heal from past hurts. Josette also provides counselling to adults for a range of needs. Josette is a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), and is an ACA recognised supervisor.

To make a booking to speak with Josette, click here or call 9088 3385.